About Snallygaster Fibers

In the late 19th century, deep in the woods of Cumberland, Maryland, dwelled a terrible creature- the Snallygaster. The Snallygaster was said to be half-bird, half-reptile, with a beak of steel that dangled wriggling tentacles. This fearsome monster was known to eat chickens and wayward children. The last Snallygaster is rumored to have died in 1932, however no corpse was found.

Our family has always had a gremlin. My grandfather's house had a snallygaster. This critter was responsible for missing socks, misplaced keys and everything else unexplainable. My sister and I grew up thinking that this snallygaster was something of our Poppy's own invention, we never dreamed that this critter had such a "real" and colorful story!

When we were searching for a name for our yarn label, our mother made the off-handed suggestion of using the Snallygaster name. Thanks to the miracle of Google and the interwebs, we quickly learned of the myth behind Poppy's fabled thief.

Thus was born Snallygaster Fibers.